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For the Orcas

She captured our hearts.  Whether you are a parent yourself, an animal lover at heart or simply a human being - there weren't too many people who heard the story of Tahlequah and didn't shed a tear.  Tahlequah, also know as J35 is a killer whale of the Southern Resident community in the Pacific Ocean.  She has given birth to two offspring, a male in 2010 and a female (Scarlett) in 2018.  Baby Scarlett died shortly after her birth and Tahlequah carried the dead calf for two weeks - over 1,000 miles - in and around the waters of the Puget Sound.  The powerful story of Tahlequah captured hearts around the world and was the most read story in the Seattle Times in 2018.  

The statistics are startling.  To date, our critically endangered Southern Resident Orcas are down to 73 members.  There are variety of factors that have contributed to the orcas decline, but a major reason is their main food source, Chinook Salmon, is rapidly being depleted in the waters of the Salish Sea.  

At Anchor Hill Candle Co. - we have created a candle line that is inspired by the beauty of the Salish Sea.  Every candle is hand poured and made with all natural & sustainable coconut wax & cotton wicks.  The shipping material used is 100% biodegradable.  We believe this is all a small part we can do to support our oceans & environment.  

"For the Orcas" candle was created to continue to shed light and awareness on our Orcas that so many in and around the Puget Sound - and around the world -  love and want to continue to admire for years to come.  

We've collaborated with PNW Protectors and are proud to donate 10% of every sale of the For the Orcas candle back to PNW Protectors.  

We are all in this together. We are all PNW Protectors.
Every day we possess the capacity to protect, preserve and take care of our our world and the oceans through the choices we make and the actions we take.
We sincerely thank you for being a part of this beautiful mission and taking a role in protecting, preserving and taking care of our oceans and orcas.  
Light this candle not only in honor of Tahlequah, but all the orcas who have shown us their beauty through the years.