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Four Reasons Why Anchor Hill Candle Co is not your Average Candle Co!

This past year has been a whirl wind of spending countless hours creating a product that signifies and ties together my love of finding contentment on the water and my background and work in the health and wellness field.  

Anchor Hill Candle Co is a candle company specializing in creating candles that are made with sustainable and clean burning wax.  And because I spend so much time on and near the ocean, I believe that it is our duty to do all we can to protect this precious resource.  Therefore, Anchor Hill Candle Co also instills eco-friendly practices in product development and shipping.  Read on to find out how Anchor Hill stands out 

  • Wax:  It's all about the wax.  Wax is to the candle as an engine is to the car.  Wax is the largest component of the candle and an integral piece to determining how clean your candle will burn when you light it.  There are countless reasons why I chose to use coconut wax (over it's popular cousin, SOY, in the natural candle world).  You can read more about the benefits of coconut wax here.    Paraffin & Dye Free - always.  
  • Sustainable & Eco-Friendly:  I felt that because I was creating a product that closely tied to our oceans, it was pertinent that I create a product that was as sustainable (enter coconut wax) and eco-friendly as possible.  All materials used for shipping are either recyclable or bio-degradable.  Once your candle burns down, all that you're left with is a glass tumbler than can be re-purposedNo lid, no fluff, no embellishments.  
  • Fragrance & Wicks:  Anchor Hill candles are made with pure cotton wicks - lead & zinc free.  Fragrance oils are phthalate (harmful chemical used in many plastics) free and infused with essential oils.  I do not use 100% essential oils for several reasons.  The main reasons being that some pure essential oils can actually become toxic when burned.  It is also challenging to get a good scent throw with pure essential oil.   
  • Infused with an element of wellness:  I care about human health and wellness.  I've worked in the field as a health coach and educator for many years.  I wanted to create a product that was as toxic free as possible.  What brings contentment and wellness to a person is individually defined.  Speaking for myself, I find true health when I am with those I care about most and when I am near, on or close the ocean.  Anchor Hill Candles were created with these elements and it seeps into every element of company values.

Yours in health & comfort,