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Wax Melts "Ferry Crossing"
Wax Melts "Ferry Crossing"
Wax Melts "Ferry Crossing"

Wax Melts "Ferry Crossing"

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Pepper, Citrus & Birch - Locals know the feeling you get when you board the ferry and know you’re headed for home. And tourists experience the euphoric feeling of contentment as beauty embellishes the ferry ride to their island destination. These sweet little wax melts embody a feeling of sea meets home with scents of black pepper, citrus and birch. With top notes of pine & peppercorn, middle notes of orange peel & cypress and bottom notes of coriander & tonka bean, this woodsy and refreshing candle will bring a rich, classy scent into your home.

Wax melts come in a recyclable rice paper bag. Each bag contains 6 ounces of 12 cubes (standard wax melt clamshells hold 2.5 oz). Simply open bag and place desired number of cubes in warmer - seal up bag to save for next use!

About Anchor Hill Candle Wax Melts

• 6 oz Scented wax tarts (12 cubes in each bag)
• Hand Poured
• Blended coconut wax - primarily natural coconut wax
• Premium fragrance oils
• Dye & Phthalate Free
• Each cube lasts about 6.5-9.5 hours.
• Processing time 1-3 business days