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Wax Melts "Island Hopping"
Wax Melts "Island Hopping"
Wax Melts "Island Hopping"

Wax Melts "Island Hopping"

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Bergamot & Bay Leaf - Imagine a little Island Hopping with this sweet melt of bergamot and bay leaf!  With top notes of orange, middle notes of florals and bottom notes of cedar & sandalwood - your space will delight in this fresh, clean combination.  

Wax melts come in a recyclable rice paper bag. Each bag contains 6 ounces of 12 cubes (standard wax melt clamshells hold 2.5 oz). Simply open bag and place desired number of cubes in warmer - seal up bag to save for next use!

About Anchor Hill Candle Wax Melts

• 6 oz Scented wax tarts (12 cubes in each bag)
• Hand Poured
• Blended coconut wax - primarily natural coconut wax
• Premium fragrance oils
• Dye & Phthalate Free
• Each cube lasts about 6.5-9.5 hours.
• Processing time 1-3 business days